Verint EdgeVR 300 Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Verint® EdgeVR® is an enterprise-class, IP-based network video recorder (NVR) designed for large-scale, geographically
distributed operations.

Hybrid System and Superior H.264 Performance

Available with standard analog, HD analog and/or IP video, this intelligent NVR can
support up to 64 cameras. Verint EdgeVR is fully integrated with our industry-leading
Verint multi-port video encoders, decoders and IP cameras, and features a powerful
H.264 video compression engine that allows the video to be captured clearly while
reducing the amount of space it takes to store it.

Ideal for Large-Scale Video Operations

Built on expertise from more than 80,000 DVR implementations, Verint EdgeVR provides
the reliability, scalability, and flexibility that large-scale operations need. Verint EdgeVR
features RAID support and an embedded operating system for superior security,
redundancy, and reliability. This high-performance NVR also provides powerful
programming capabilities, flexible storage options, the ability to set different resolutions
and frame rates, and with our patented switch integration you can power cycle IP
cameras, white list camera MAC addresses, control POE power allocation and more

The Verint EdgeVR 300 can be centrally managed by Verint’s easy-to-use Verint
EdgeVMS Op-Center for enterprise-wide NVR administration and Verint EdgeVMS
Video Investigator for remote, enterprise-wide NVR viewing.

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