Costar CR1620ET 16-Channel Digital Video Recorder

The CR1620ET Digital Video Recorder provides 16 channels of HD real-time recording and live display over existing coax cable with no need to rewire. The ET 20 Series DVRs are designed to “plug-and-play”right out of the box and will accept multiple HD over coax standards including HD TVI video signals,AHD, and SD analog CVBS signals. The simplicity of this system makes the ET 20 Series recorder an ideal choice for retail, banking and small business applications. The ET 20 Series delivers a complete network surveillance solution that meets the demands of user applications from a single location to more complex multi-site locations.

The ET 20 Series, utilizing StarNET VMS can support up to 1,024 devices with up to 16 camer-as per device or 16,384 cameras. As with all Costar recording platforms, the ET 20 Series system maintains its compatibility to the same StarNET and StarNET Pro.

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